As the festivities fade…

I can’t help but feel just a tiny bit relieved.  I really love preparing the house; the tidying, the cleaning, the rearranging of furniture, the decorating and embellishing, the twinkly lights and all the sparkles.

IMG_5518 I love how everything looks warm and cosy,  I revel in the glow of scented candles and the signs of a well-used home; piles of gift ribbons in a corner, waiting to be stored away for re-use next year. Ornaments askew and out of place,  the sticky fingerprints belonging to an inquisitive 2 and half year old, recently discovered on the tv, bookcase and mirrors 😀

However… once the last guest has gone and we’ve had some time to relax and reflect  (or ahem… return to watching The Killing…)  my thought wheels start to turn again, my eyes scan the rooms and I begin to assess what changes can be made to make our home tidier, simpler, less ‘busy’ or just freshen it up a bit.  I’m categorically NOT doing any decorating or buying anything new for it.  I mean those little changes which can make all the difference. Things like repositioning a picture a few inches up or to the left, moving a lamp or piece of furniture from one room to another or getting rid of it altogether.

I’m keen to get started on decluttering and charitizing unwanted things, but I’m not allowed. Yet!

So, yesterday the Teen went riding as per usual and while it was lovely to be out in the fresh air for an hour or so, it was bitterly cold and I was only watching so I had to think very carefully about what to wear.  I ended up in many layers; a vest top and merino jumper under a wool dress with leggings , fur lined thick soled boots and a wool coat on top. Wrapped up with a lovely cashmere scarf, a wool cap and my gorgeous new red leather fur lined gloves, which were a gift from my eldest.  I was a bit unsure as to how they would look and she questioned whether I really wanted red gloves… but I think they look fab and am so glad I insisted.


The best thing is that with all those layers, its not possible to detect exactly where those 4 lbs that I’ve apparently gained, have settled.  I know! I’m disgusted with myself and I don’t really think I even ate that much. Admittedly I don’t usually have pain au chocolate for breakfast, especially not washed down with glasses of bucks fizz, nor do I quaff jugs of mulled wine or absent mindedly eat from the generously scattered bowls of chocolates, nuts and mince pies, so that might have something to do with it.

Roll (literally in my case) on January and some much-needed mindful abstinence!





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