A very Happy New Year

And may it bring opportunities for all that you desire.

I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t sail in to the new year quite as I’d intended and I was quite cross with myself at the time.  Some hours later when I awoke, I was in a decidedly more pitiful state and feeling very sorry for myself. Thankfully, I am blessed with the most wonderful daughters and as one arrived bearing all the right things to lift me from my gloom and misery, the other one was busy dispensing birthday gifts and then clearing and tidying away the debris.

As I lay pitifully on my bed I suddenly caught a whiff of bacon and was then summoned to the table and was overwhelmed at what lay before me;



A vase of flowers, glasses of orange juice, bacon rolls, fruit, waffles, cakes and cups of blissful tea.

I was literally speechless and moved to tears ( the typical heartfelt gratitude of those suffering from self-inflicted pain!) and then set upon righting myself with what was on offer.

IMG_5567 I had plenty of these to go with the juice.



I’ll be honest, I couldn’t face anything sweet at the time so my share of the red velvet cupcakes and the giant waffles were saved for later and I concentrated on the tea and bacon rolls and within an hour was feeling almost human again. What a relief!

I was spoilt with gifts; bath and beauty products, jewellery, candles, cheques, gift cards and chocolate as well as the lovely brunch. I won’t need to be buying and bathing products for quite some time, which is fab as I plan to spend as little as possible during the next year.

I bought myself a great little diary – shown above – and I’m so excited as it has a page for each day of the week, so I can use it as a journal – I’m writing in it each day just before I go to bed.



I took the photo before the end of the year, which is why there’s nothing written in it yet! The day after New Year we travelled down to Dorset to visit lovely relatives; have a sumptuous lunch, go for a walk around the plantation, all bare and boggy, then to come back to sink into the sofas in front of the log burner and reflect on the year just passed and discuss our plans for the year ahead.


My plans are simple and may seem somewhat selfish at first glance. I have decided that 2015 is going to be about ME!  Before you judge, remember that I’ll not be buying myself any clothes, shoes or accessories other than that which can be purchased on my gift cards. For the last 2 or 3 years I’ve concentrated on updating, decorating and refurnishing our home; bringing it to a condition which suits our needs and  tastes. During that time the garden underwent huge changes too, I spent so much time and effort on digging and planting an entire veg patch only to see if fail miserably, I had trees removed,  and planted a hedge by myself as well as the ongoing grass cutting, hedge and bush trimming and pruning, the weeding and raking.  I plan to get on with that herb garden, but only when it suits me, not as a challenge on a self-imposed daunting task list.

So, when I say that 2015 will be all about ‘me’… I mean that I’ll be focusing on my health; body, mind, spirit, soul and my wealth rather than just treating myself all year. Although, that’s not a completely flawed concept 🙂

Today was spent removing the last traces of festivities from the home; taking down decorations, the tree and packing away all the bits and pieces in boxes, then storing them back in the cupboard for another 11 months. I love how clean and tidy our home looks now, so much less cluttered and it feels calmer, more serene. I moved a couple of pieces of furniture about to ring in the changes and hopefully encourage healthy new habits.

I’m not doing any of this booze-free stuff in January but I am going to avoid all cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolates or dessert products, opting for plain yoghurt or fruit if I really need the sugary fix. I’ll be walking a lot more than I have in the last few weeks and reading a lot more, as opposed to feasting on complete series on a certain streaming service… and of course I’ll be writing a lot more too, in my fab new diary / journal.






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