Emerging from the depths of Winter


I’ve been absent a while; and time has been a factor. Not so much time in the physical sense, like having the minutes or hours available to post; but more in the sense that I’ve found it difficult to gather my thoughts.  I’ve been in that ‘space’ where there are lots of things going on which needed thinking about or organising and when not doing that or catching up with chores and errands,  I’ve just laid along the sofa, gazing at the picture box in the corner!

There’s been quite a bit of social activity (by my standards, anyway). I discovered I quite like a pub quiz if in the company of fun people and a glass of cider. I accepted that I’m quietly competitive too, we came 4th out of 20 teams and I admit that the next time I want us to win.  Just the once will do, I’m not needing to be in the spotlight for ever, I just like to know that I can do it!

Another pub trip was a bit further afield, following a drive to Sussex to Nymans Gardens. The gardens weren’t at their best it being mid winter, and the entrance fee felt a bit steep, taking that in to consideration, but the ruins of the house was certainly fascinating to look at from various angles.

IMG_5661 IMG_5646 IMG_5649

We enjoyed a wander around the gardens but didn’t explore the woods this time due to extreme muddiness on the steep path and potential injury to those not wearing wellies. Not me of course – I seize any opportunity to get my fabulous purple ones on!

I managed to go for a walk after work every day for a whole week, and then it got really, really cold so I slunk back in to the habit of scurrying home and spending as little time as possible outside. I need to rouse myself from the lethargy and get my act together. Soon I’ll have to reacquaint myself with the land behind the shed … but not just yet.

I’ve been enjoying my wardrobe a lot; not once have I struggled to find something to wear, although some pieces have become rather too snug for comfort and appearance.  With just 3 weeks left of this ‘season’ I’ll soon need to start thinking about the next one, and in truth, right now that excites me far more than thinking about gardening, but I’ll address that in another post, nearer the time.

There was a touch of disappointment when I learned that the Black Keys gig we had tickets for was cancelled, but I put the refund to good use fairly quickly …

Last weekend was the most fun of all, a group of friends gathered in London to eat, drink, chat, wander and be very merry.  We had a lovely couple of hours exploring the Grayson Perry ‘Identity’ exhibits at the National Portrait Gallery, had a gorgeous lunch with wine, coffee and cake, a filling Chinese supper, and spent some time at the fabulous Ronnie Scotts bar where we indulged ourselves with some delicious cocktails


I’ve decided that cocktails are the way forward and having discovered a little gem of a book for sale in the library when on my voluntary shift yesterday, I am now on the hunt for a full cocktail making set and then plan to spend the rest of my days draped about sun-warmed stone terraces complete with balustrades on country estates whilst dressed in silken splendour, sipping cocktails in the company of warm and witty women and dashing and debonair types of men …

I’ll be back to reality shortly, talk amongst yourselves for now please





2 thoughts on “Emerging from the depths of Winter

    • You’ll be most welcome ! And thanks for the tip – I’ll sneak one into the ‘household essentials ‘ budget somehow !

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